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UX/UI Updates


Improved Pieces Copilot Experiences: Pieces for VS Code 1.5.0, Pieces for Obsidian 1.5.3, & Pieces for JupyterLab 1.6.1

The Pieces Copilot is one of our most popular features, especially in our suite of plugins and extensions. In today’s releases for Pieces for VS Code, Pieces for Obsidian, and Pieces for JupyterLab, we’re updating the copilot’s user interface so that your experience chatting with the Pieces Copilot is better than ever.

Pieces Copilot UI Updates

The Pieces Copilot has a new look! All three newly released versions of Pieces are packed with UI changes and fixes, including:

  • Quick Actions: In a new Pieces Copilot conversation, quick actions allow you to quickly select which LLM runtime you would like to use, which files you would like to use as context, and more.
Using a quick action to set the Pieces Copilot Runtime.
  • Theme Matching: The copilot now respects your environment’s theme, and when toggling between themes, the copilot will match.
The Pieces Copilot now matches various themes in VS Code.

Plus styling updates, new icons, and other small details create a much better experience.

Pieces for VS Code Updates

The Pieces for VS Code Extension now automatically updates your snippet list in real time, which matches the capabilities of the rest of the Pieces Suite. Now, whenever a snippet is created, updated, or deleted— from any of our integrations!— the changes are automatically reflected within your Pieces for VS Code extension without any intervention. Say goodbye to refreshing your snippet list!

There is also an important fix to the Pieces Copilot context selector for Windows machines. Previously, the context selector only showed the root folders of a workspace; it now shows all of the files in your workspace, just as it does in a Linux or macOS environment.

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