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Filter Your Snippet Lists: Pieces for Obsidian 1.3.0 & Pieces for JupyterLab 1.4.0

The Pieces for Developers Obsidian and JupyterLab plugins have undergone huge changes since their debuts earlier this summer. If you use either plugin, you can manage your snippets, chat with the Pieces Copilot, and more! Today, we’re extending one of our newest features in the Pieces Desktop App to these plugins: filtering your snippets.

Snippet Filtering

Similar to our newest feature in the Pieces Desktop App, you can now filter your snippet lists in Pieces for Obsidian and Pieces for JupyterLab. You can narrow your shortlist of snippets based on tags, titles, language, and more.

To access this feature:

  1. Click on the filter button
  2. Click “Add Filters” to see your filtering options
  3. Select a filter
  4. Fill out the inputs for what you would like to filter for
  5. Click “Run Filters”
Filtering your snippet list in Pieces for Obsidian.

Bug Fixes

With this release for the Pieces JupyterLab extension, the search bar properly accepts user input.

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