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Discover Related People, Set Copilot Context, and So Much More: Pieces for Developers 2.4.0 and Pieces OS 6.0.0

When we introduced Pieces Copilot, we wanted it to become the best AI code generation, augmentation, and discussion platform available. Today, we’re introducing several revolutionary Copilot features that will completely change the way you solve problems, understand code bases, and interact with your teammates. We can’t wait for you to try it.

If you’re interested in learning more about this release and what’s to come, join our AMA on August 26! Community members who submit a question ahead of time will be entered to win a gift card.

Pieces Copilot: Dynamic LLM Runtimes for Offline Interactions

You’ve heard us talk about it, and soon it will be a reality. Pieces OS 6.0.0 unlocks the necessary infrastructure to support Dynamic LLM Runtimes for the Pieces Copilot.

This means users will be able to select between various local and cloud models to create air-gapped, on-device experiences with enterprise-grade security, blazing-fast results, and personalization unlike any other product.

Stay tuned for these experiences in an upcoming release of the Pieces Desktop App and our plugins.

Advanced Related People Infrastructure

You’ve been able to associate a person with a code snippet or material in your Pieces repository for some time, but today, that infrastructure is far more useful. Now, Pieces for Developers will more readily associate people with the code in your Pieces repo, based on who has sent you or been attached to similar code in the past.

You’ll now see Related People in your Global Search results, to make it easier to determine who on your team may be able to help you with a tough problem. Simply search for a topic you need help with, and Global Search will surface code snippets, tags, related links, and now related people.

To add a Related Person to a snippet, head to the Context Menu or use the shortcut [CTRL/CMD + P], and enter their name and email address.

Adding a Related Person to a code snippet.

There’s so much functionality with Related People coming soon! Keep an eye out for updates. 👀

Introducing Annotations

Say hello to the new & improved version of descriptions: Annotations! Annotations allow you to include and categorize so much more context about your code, from descriptions to summaries and Git commit messages.

Pieces for Developers still auto-generates descriptions and other annotations, but now it’s much easier for you to manually add or reclassify information. To add or edit an annotation, go to the Context Menu and click the Annotations box, or use the keyboard shortcut [CTRL/CMD + Shift + N].

Creating an Annotation in the Pieces for Developers desktop app.

Set Copilot Context

Chatting with the Pieces Copilot about an individual snippet is great, but what if you want to discuss an entire project? What if you’d like to discuss two or three snippets?

With this release, you can set your Copilot context any way you like. By choosing “Manage Copilot Context” from the Copilot view, you can choose a file, a folder, a website, or any number of snippets from your personal repo and receive answers that are tailored to your context.

Setting copilot context in the Pieces desktop app.

Coming soon: set your context to a video and more!

Change the Color of your Message Bubble

No more plain gray! You can now make your Copilot Chat bubbles any color you want. Just select the Color Palette icon in the lower right corner of your Copilot Chat and pick your favorite color.

Changing the color of your message bubble in the Pieces desktop app.

New Supported Languages

We’re adding support for additional languages all the time! With this release, we now support:

  • Solidity
  • System Verilog
  • ASP
  • ColdFusion

If Pieces for Developers doesn’t support your favorite language, request it today.

Join our Discord Server 🎉

Do you love Pieces? Stop sending us carrier pigeons 🐦 and join our Discord Server to chat with our team, other power users, get support, and more. 🤝


As always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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