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Auto-save lands in Pieces for VS Code

Today's release is a massive upgrade for our VS Code users. Foremost is the release of Auto-Save, where the Pieces AI Assistant will intelligently save snippets on your behalf based on your workflow. We've also brought a lot of the core features of the Pieces Desktop app into VS Code, so you can keep your flow while saving and managing your snippets. Enjoy!


Tree View Auto Expansion

The Tree View is where users see their saved snippets in VS Code. Pieces now automatically expands sections of the Tree View based on the active file extension. If you're working in a .js file, the view will automatically show all of your JavaScript snippets.

Auto-Save Snippets from VS Code

Pieces will now identify and auto-save useful snippets proactively based on how frequently you copy and paste them. This has been a game-changer for testers, because often you don't realize you needed to save a snippet until it's too late. Look for more sophisticated triggers for auto-save over time from us!

Add Tags in VS Code

You can now add tags to your snippets directly in VS Code without having to break your flow. Previously, users could only add tags in the Pieces desktop app.

To add a tag, simply right-click on the code snippet and add tags!

Adding tags in Pieces for VS Code.

Add Related Links in VS Code

Often saving a snippet is more useful when you can see related pages associated with the snippet, like the page you saved the snippet from or a doc site that references something related to the snippet.

Related links have been available in the Pieces desktop app, but now you can now add them to your snippets directly in VS Code.

Simply right-click on the code snippet and add related links!

Log in / Log out in VS Code

You can now log in / log out from Pieces directly within VS Code. To log in, click on the settings icon in the Pieces extension and click the login button.

As a reminder, you do NOT need to have an account or be logged in to use Pieces. But logging in enables an increasing set of useful features, such as link sharing (launching any week now) and cloud backup (launching later in Q2).

Settings in VS Code

Pieces now has a settings option in VS Code that lets you edit your preferences for auto-complete, Tree View auto-expansion, analytics, and login/logout.

The Pieces for VS Code settings.

Updated Success & Error Messages

We have updated success and error messages to provide more details so that you can troubleshoot or get help more effectively.


As always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and a team member will be in touch as soon as possible!

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