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Bug Fixes

UX/UI Updates

1.5.8: Improved snippet editing & UX enhancements

Today's release is packed with incremental improvements to Pieces for Developers and the Pieces Chrome Extension. With improvements to snippet editing, troubleshooting and onboarding, we're ensuring that your experience with Pieces is as seamless as possible.

Pieces for Developers

Get started for free. For the best experience, please make sure both Pieces for Developers and Pieces OS are up-to-date.

Snippet Editing

Thank you to all of our users for your feedback on snippet editing following last week's launch! We're making continuous improvements to make sure that it's as useful a feature as possible.

  • To make editing your snippets more intuitive, the cursor will now automatically appear and focus when toggling into edit mode.
  • Once you've begun editing a snippet, you can now click outside of the editor in order to save or discard your changes.
A prompt to save edits before exiting the edit window in Pieces.

Error Handling

  • Made some updates to the error screens, so that when something goes wrong with Pieces for Developers or Pieces OS, you can more easily tell if Pieces needs an update or if you should contact our support.

Bug Fixes

  • Solved an issue where APP_NAME appeared when right-clicking the dock icon on MacOS— now it says Pieces for Developers!

Pieces Chrome Extension

Install the Pieces Chrome Extension for free here.

Onboarding Improvements

  • Improved onboarding experience for new users to ensure connection to Pieces OS.
A prompt to install Pieces OS to use the Pieces for Chrome extension.

Error Handling

  • Instead of an unknown error, you'll now see an interactive notification to launch Pieces OS if it is not running.
  • If something goes wrong, Pieces will suggest the proper steps to troubleshoot the error (or recommend you contact our support).


As always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and a team member will be in touch as soon as possible!


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