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Bug Fixes

UX/UI Updates

1.5.6: Key bug fixes and UX improvements

At Pieces, we strive to place as much emphasis on the little things as we do on the big things. That's why we pay extra attention to detail to make sure you have the smoothest user experience possible. This release doesn't include any fancy new features, but rather many small bug fixes and UX improvements users have noticed along their journey. (But, the fancy new features are on their way!)

Pieces for Developers

Pieces for Developers is the core user-facing Pieces application. Get started for free here.

This release comes with too many small bug fixes and improvements to list, but here are some of the more persistent ones you may have experienced:

Managing Pieces

  • [Bug fix] All menus related to managing a snippet (Related Links, Quick Menu, Tags) are now inaccessible if you don't have any snippets
  • [Bug fix] You can no longer add an empty tag

Finding Pieces

  • [Bug fix] If you previously entered a search query that contained either a parenthesis or bracket character and got a big grey screen in return — this is now fixed

Installing & Configuring Pieces

  • [Bug fix] Windows toolbar buttons (close, minimize, expand) didn't show on all views — they are now back
  • [Bug fix] If you tried to change the theme of PFD with the Settings Menu open, you may have noticed everything changes except for the menu itself — this is now fixed

Pieces API

Everything we develop is on top of the Pieces API. We're excited to welcome third-party developers who want to build applications on top of our infrastructure. Email us at for more details.

  • Nothing new here. Check back later!

Pieces Plugins

Supercharge your workflow with Pieces Plugins. Access helpful features from Pieces within your favorite IDE or Web Browser.

  1. Get the JetBrains Plugin here.
  2. Get the Pieces Chrome Extension here.
  3. Get the Pieces VSCode Plugin here.


As always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and a team member will be in touch as soon as possible!

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