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UX/UI Updates

1.4.7: Improved search results, Suggestions API and more

Lots of useful improvements in today's release! Most importantly, this release marks the release of critical API infrastructure that will support upcoming user features around auto-saving snippets and other machine learning-driven suggestions. Pieces is about to get a whole lot smarter!

Pieces for Developers

Pieces for Developers is the core user-facing Pieces application.

Adding Pieces

  • Windows users can now create a piece by dragging and dropping an entire code file
  • Improved the overall drag and drop overlay

Finding Pieces

  • Added icons and hovers to indicate why a search result was returned, such as title match, description match, content match, multiple matches, or suggested match
  • Resolved a focus issue for when a user clicks the icon carousel to unfocus search

Viewing and Managing Pieces

  • Users can now discover and add Integrations from within the Settings menu
  • Smarter dismissal of notifications and menus when menus are open
  • Increased support for more code languages and structures in the code preview

Installing & Configuring Pieces

  • Overhauled and improved onboarding experience for new users
  • Users can refer-a-friend to Pieces through the Settings menu or by sharing this link
  • Users can now move the Pieces window during onboarding and when menus are open

Getting Support

Pieces OS

Pieces OS is the background service that enables Pieces to work locally and handles communications with any integrations you install. You can install integrations here that enable you to save and (soon) auto-save and auto-complete code snippets directly inside your favorite code editors and Chrome.

  • Fixed MacOS toolbar menu hovering issues

Pieces API

Pieces apps are built on the Pieces API. Email us at if you're a developer interested in building on our API!

Image Support

  • Expanded data model to support asset creation for images. Supporting mainly PNG, JPEG, PDF and TIFF to start

OpenAPI Updates

  • Updated required and optional properties for the following models - Asset, FlattenedAsset, Format and FlattenedFormat
  • New Connector API Endpoint: /{application}/intention - an optional step in the new suggestion flow where developers can receive the origin of where the piece was copied. For Example: you can call this on a copy event, where we will return a result that lets the developer know that the user copied this code snippet from the IntelliJ integration
  • New Connector API Endpoint: /{application}/suggestion - the main suggestion endpoint and the only required endpoint if a developer wants to use this for auto-uploading. For Example: you can call this on a paste event, where we will return a result that lets the developer know that the Pieces system suggested to save this piece
  • New Connector API Endpoint: /{application}/reaction - another optional endpoint in the suggestion flow where a developer can choose to respond to the result of the suggested actions. For example: if the developer wants the user to take some sort of confirmation action based on a suggestion, this is the endpoint to call to indicate the result of the action
  • New Mechanism enumeration added to Asset and FlattenedAsset to provide information about how the asset was saved. Manual: via user action, no auto-save. Automatic: via auto-save, no user action. Recommended: via auto-suggestion, requires user action [i.e. from /{application}/reaction]
  • Renamed Timestamp model to GroupedTimestamp
  • An API Endpoint to allow developers to delete data

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