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1.4.10: Related Links, Support for Image Processing and more

We're excited to announce the release of 1.4.10.

The headliners in this release include:

  • Related Links: when saving a code snippet, context is critical. It's often useful to associate related web pages with your code snippets. Now you can, simply by tapping CMD+K to associate any number of URLs to a piece.
  • Image Processing: Pieces OS now contains all the infrastructure needed to store and process images, including screenshots. User-facing upgrades will be out in a couple weeks.

Pieces for Developers

Pieces for Developers is the core user-facing Pieces application.

Managing a Piece

  • [New Feature] Related Links: users can tap CMD+K to associate any number of URLs to a piece.
  • Default descriptions for a piece will now be adjusted automatically when a user reclassifies a piece.

Adding Pieces

  • Improved empty state experience (when a user has no pieces saved) to make it more helpful to discover Pieces integrations

Installing & Configuring Pieces

  • Users can now choose to connect Pieces to the cloud or work in offline mode during the onboarding flow

Getting Support

  • Users can now click to restart the app when a failed connection to Pieces OS occurs

Pieces API

Everything we develop is on top of the Pieces API. We're excited to welcome third-party developers who want to build applications on top of our infrastructure. Email us at for more details.

Pieces OS now contains APIs and data structures enabling an association of links and tags with a Piece:

  • [New Feature] Support for associating tags with a piece
  • [New Feature] Support for associating web pages with a piece

Image Processing

  • Pieces OS also supports all of the needed components to support storing and processing images


  • Variable privacy flags: as we add users inside enterprises and entire teams and enterprises themselves, we want to ensure data and usage opt-in capabilities. This release includes variable privacy flags on assets throughout the platform.

Pieces for Chrome

Get the Pieces Chrome Extension here.

  • Revised the onboarding experience outlining how to use Pieces with Chrome
  • Increased website support
  • Adds a notification when a piece is saved
  • Saves the source URL of snippets saved via Chrome extension to Related Links Menu in Pieces for Developers

Pieces for JetBrains (including IntelliJ and PyCharm)

Get the JetBrains Extension here.

  • Performance improvements to Suggested Save
  • Small patches and cleaning to the plugin codebase
  • Compatibility with Pieces OS 1.4.10 or greater

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