An ever-growing list of ways to use Pieces

General use

  • Save code from the web and then auto-complete it in your IDE a few seconds later

  • Replace your code snippet bookmarks in your browser (plus, they’re searchable)

  • Save boilerplate code or have it saved automatically for you with auto-save

  • Save alternative algorithms or pseudocode that isn’t ready for production

  • Save code when resolving merge conflicts, just in case

  • Save interesting snippets of code instead of starring or forking the entire repo for just a few lines

  • Save resources and lightweight libraries that help you solve problems without large overhead or third-party dependencies

  • Auto-complete READMEs, CONTRIBUTING, CODE_OF_CONDUCT with standardized information within and across projects

  • Temporarily save code you’ll need to move soon

  • Save screenshots from multiple repos and compare them back-to-back to find errors where git pulls/merges/PRs have been improperly managed on specific sections of code

  • Organize snippets from various client projects with tags

“I save a lot of my responses that are not available on the web. Specifically any sort of command I would use with GCloud, as well as little templates of code, like my try catches— I’ll actually just right-click, send to Pieces and autocomplete that into IntelliJ, VS Code, or any one of my editors.”

Mark Widman - Full Stack Developer @ Pieces

For teams

  • Save and send snippets to group members to ensure everyone is working on the latest iteration of a project

  • Send individual snippets to specific team members for review

  • Create a knowledge base of snippets for your team as an easily sharable collection (coming soon!)

  • Speed up onboarding a new member to your team by sharing a curated collection of internally useful snippets in Pieces (coming soon!)

Front-end development

  • Store templates you reuse often - HTML structures, CSS blocks, Javascript loops, switch cases, imports, class structures, function blocks, decorator objects and more

  • While learning Bootstrap grids, you can save all your configurations as snippets

  • Save different versions of a widget to track its evolution over time

Back-end development

  • Save CLI commands for future reference

  • Save PEM keys and authentication tokens in your completely local repository

  • Save common error messages and  attach solutions as related links for future reference

  • Use Pieces code auto-complete on unit tests

  • Save templates for AJAX calls

  • Document old versions of code with references to why it was updated as related links

  • Save Bash commands, shell commands and other terminal commands for use between projects

"Pieces code auto-complete is pretty useful on some of the boilerplate code that I use in a lot of my C++ and CMake projects. I copy certain things a lot and there's not really a good way to abstract it out, so, Pieces auto-completed it and nearly took care of everything for me"

Brandon Kunkel - Full Stack Developer @ Pieces


  • Save frequently used modeling/data-visualization snippets that otherwise get lost in heavy Jupyter notebooks

  • Save HTML or CSS snippets and paste them directly into Webflow without having to code anything

  • Save plotting utility examples

  • Track data schemas for databases

  • Save NoSQL and SQL queries


  • Save code snippets you have issues with, and want to send to your TA/prof to ask for help with

  • Convert screenshots from online tutorials into useable snippets

  • Save multiple solutions to a coding problem with a browser extension

  • Add tags to snippets that are specific to each course so that you can easily search for them later

  • Convert screenshots of code from online tutorials into copyable snippets with OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

  • Take pictures of code the professor presented in class and convert to text


Sometimes, instead of sending code, people will take a screenshot of the code [and send it], in which case you need to retype it. I really like extracting code from screenshots.

Martina Desender

Infrastructure Engineer @ Pieces


Certain Git commands aren’t common and I can never remember them. I used to repeatedly revisit that webpage whenever I needed it. Now with Pieces, I just save that particular snippet in Pieces and I can directly get it from there, whenever I want to open a code review or PR.

Anushka Gupta

Developer Advocate @ Pieces


I usually save those snippets from Github or StackOverflow when you're saving it just to be sure. When they actually work, you’re like, ‘This was the answer to all my problems this whole time!

Moon Bui

Engineering Intern @ Pieces


If I found like three different solutions to do something online, I'm not quite sure which one will work, and I don't want to try each one individually, I save them all to Pieces and I come back later to try them out locally. I can keep researching really efficiently and then try things out really efficiently.

Brandon Kunkel

Full Stack Developer @ Pieces


This is a link that was sent to me in Slack, and I did not want it to get lost in my billion Slack messages, so I just took that package, sent it to Pieces, and I renamed it. It’s easy to search for it and find it later.

Mark Widman

Full Stack Developer @ Pieces


A lot of pieces I’ve saved are like insurance policies. It's not that I re-use them 400 times; It's more like a defensive mechanism. I'm trying to avoid a 10-minute spiral of trying to find something I lost more than anything else.

Karam Khanna

Engineering Intern @ Pieces


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