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What is Pieces?

Pieces is a personal repo for developers to save, find and share code snippets and files.

The Pieces for UltraEdit integration enables UltraEdit 28.2 users to save and reuse code snippets and files directly from UltraEdit without even having the Pieces app open via:
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • A right-click mouse action
  • The header bar in UE 28.2
Download Pieces for UltraEdit from the link above.

Installing Pieces for UltraEdit

Step 1

To get started with Pieces, first install Pieces via the Cloud Services menu inside UltraEdit 28.2.

Note: you must be running UltraEdit 28.2.
Step 2

Download Pieces OS and the Pieces app.

Pieces OS is the helper service that enables Pieces to function locally on your machine and manages connections to Pieces integrations.
Step 3

Once downloaded, click to open Pieces OS. This will also automatically launch the Pieces app. You now have the Pieces app installed!

Saving to Pieces from UltraEdit

Saving code and files to Pieces is super easy from UltraEdit. Highlight the code snippet or file and then:

  • Hit CTRL+P, CTRL+P twice
  • Right-click, click on 'Pieces', then 'Send to Pieces'
  • Click on 'Cloud Services' in the header bar, then 'Send to Pieces'
You'll see a notification in the bottom of the screen showing 'Sending to Pieces'. Your snippet is now saved in Pieces with a default name and automatically classified by language.

Now that you have snippets and files in Pieces, you'll want to retrieve them whenever needed while you're coding. To re-use a snippet:

  • Right-click from your cursor position in UltraEdit
  • Click 'Pieces', then 'Insert snippet', then navigate to the desired snippet. Snippets are
    organized by language.

Using the Pieces Desktop app

You can also save, search and take other actions on your snippets from the Pieces app directly.  Some of the key options include:

  • Powerful exact match and suggested search results
  • Rename or reclassify the language of your snippets
  • Add descriptions to a snippet
  • Add or delete snippets
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