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Pieces User Stories: Use snippets between projects

Pieces User Stories: Use snippets between projects

Like most senior developers, Connor has a long history of working on more than one project at the same time. He often uses Pieces to save snippets that he can use in a different project or in the future.

“If I know I'm going to be using a snippet outside of the current project, I'll save it. Like, there are process.run functions in Dart, and some get pretty complex. If I know that it was extremely useful and I could see myself using it for something else, like on a web extension for example, I’ll save it.”

Connor’s most-used Pieces plugin? The CLI. “I often use the Pieces CLI. So, I’ll run a command in the terminal, and if everything works, I run --pieces save recent and bam, it's a snippet.”

And, saving useful snippets that are complex or hard to remember makes Pieces a consistent part of his workflow. “I use Pieces to save shell commands that are very long and hard to remember, like a shell command that I’ve chained together. And then if there are certain Dart code blocks or functions that I'm going to use in the future, I'll just copy and paste that into Pieces for Developers.”

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