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Pieces User Stories: Save Bash terminal commands

Pieces User Stories: Save Bash terminal commands

Pieces has been a huge value-add for Machine Learning Engineer Brian. Whether he’s searching for solutions or deep in his flow, Pieces helps him to save, reference and re-use his most-used code.

“The snippet I use the most is a bash terminal command to generate some of our dynamic libraries. I saved it because I didn't really know much about generating dynamic libraries at first, so I couldn't come up with it off the top of my head. But now, even after understanding dynamic libraries, it's just more efficient to quickly pull it out of Pieces and slap it in.”

Pieces even helps Brian create his own boilerplate code. “For ML, some of the models we've been making lately are the same basic framework. You can just chunk a big part of that framework into Pieces and use that piece as a boilerplate to work with. It’s really, really nice.”

Pieces has also made it possible for Brian to save only what he needs. “A million times before, I've had to save a whole Stack Overflow page because I wanted one snippet. I sometimes stop and think, no, I don't need to save a whole page. I know the snippet I’ll need again, right? So that snippet goes into Pieces now, and even better the URL to the Stack Overflow page is automatically saved so I can go back if I need to.”

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