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Pieces User Stories: Replicate processes step-by-step

Pieces User Stories: Replicate processes step-by-step

Sam is a Machine Learning Engineer who uses Pieces to keep his code consistent over time.

“I like to save shell commands in Pieces, because in my workflow, I'm usually in the shell at the very start of designing a product, when I'm manipulating data. A lot of these commands I only use once every three or four weeks. An example would be things like commands to shuffle and select data points from a nested directory, or a sequence of commands to set up a cloud instance or push data to it. What I used to have to do was launch on a sort of exploration mission to try and find all the commands again or go through my internet history. Now it's just massively easier.”

A perl command in Pieces.

As his Pieces library grows, Sam chooses to rename his snippets to help find things more easily. “I rename my snippets where the first part of the name will be what I use it for, like data collection, and then a more precise description.”

This has saved him a ton of time over his pre-Pieces workflow. “I used to search the command history in my terminal for snippets I needed to reuse, but often it was hard to remember the keywords. Instead, I save them in Pieces and I name or tag them in order of operations, so I'll go to the first snippet and then just iterate along for the next five snippets.”

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