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Pieces User Stories: Quickly learn new syntax

Pieces User Stories: Quickly learn new syntax

As a polyglot and a machine learning engineer, Rocco is no stranger to taking on something new. When he started to code in Dart, Pieces helped him to learn more quickly.

“Logically, I know how to code something, but I don’t know exactly what the syntax is, where the curly brackets go, or whatever. Well, if you have snippets in Pieces, you look at them more often and just by looking at those snippets, you learn the syntax from the way they look.”

Once Rocco learned Dart, Pieces became helpful in other ways. “It's a separate place to keep snippets that you need more often. For example, you define an object in a class language. It's hard to remember all the fields in that class, and there may be a lot. So whenever you need to use the class, it's handy to have it in Pieces instead of going every time to the file where you have it and looking at it.”

Rocco frequently uses Pieces to reduce the amount of time he spends searching for the right snippet. “If I search in my whole workspace, I might find 15 results from all kinds of files or results I don't care about. If I save something in Pieces, I know that if I search for that one thing I'll find just what I'm looking for and I don't have to manually look at every result. It’s a smaller set of things I actually care about.”

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