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Pieces Open Source Meetup #3: 2024 Kickoff

Pieces Open Source Meetup #3: 2024 Kickoff
Open Source by Pieces 2024 Kickoff.

On January 20, 2024, we hosted our inaugural Pieces Open Source Meetup of the year, and our third overall, on the Discord Stage. We unveiled our strategic shift from Discord-based support to a more streamlined GitHub-centric approach. We took the opportunity to announce exciting updates to our SDK lineup, including the introduction of the Python SDK, and to spotlight new projects that are expanding the Pieces ecosystem.

The meetup was also a platform to discuss broader community and product developments, such as the integration of Gemini support. For those who couldn't join us live, we've made the entire session available on our YouTube channel.

Here are some of the major highlights in case you missed the meetup!

Open-source SDK Updates and New Example Projects

We highlighted several updates from the past two weeks and over the new year.

We released the new version of the NPM package with added support for the newly added Gemini cloud LLM.

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our Python SDK, a new milestone in the Pieces OS ecosystem! Python developers can now harness the power of Pieces OS to build and integrate sophisticated applications with ease. Our SDK is designed to be intuitive and developer-friendly, ensuring that you can maximize productivity and innovation in your Python projects. You can explore the SDK on Github, and for seamless installation, find the package on PyPI.

We're actively expanding our repository of example projects to showcase the versatility of Pieces OS APIs across different programming languages. These examples are crafted to help you quickly understand and implement Pieces OS Client endpoints in your projects. Here's a glimpse of what we've been working on:

  • TypeScript Developers: We've created a vanilla TypeScript example for Copilot, which serves as a perfect starting point for those looking to integrate Pieces OS into their TypeScript projects. You can find the repository here; for a step-by-step guide on getting started, check out our blog post Building a Copilot in 10 Minutes.
  • Python: The Python CLI Agent project is under active development by hal-9999-alpha, coinciding with the release of our Python SDK version 1.2.2. This tool is a testament to the power and flexibility of Pieces OS, tailored for Python developers. Explore the PythonCLI!
  • Kotlin SDK: Now available on Maven, the Kotlin SDK is the latest addition to our suite, with continuous updates and new artifacts being uploaded to Maven Central. Check it out!

Additionally, Kuba, our integration lead for the JetBrains Plugin at Pieces, is spearheading the development of an open-source drag-and-drop project for IntelliJ that leverages this SDK — stay tuned for its release!

Stay tuned as we continue to enrich our documentation with more examples and detailed guides to empower you to build with Pieces OS.

Community Shoutouts and Experiences

We saw some significant contributions coming from the community to our open-source projects, so we gave shoutouts to some of the amazing contributions that were made to the projects in the past 2 weeks!

Agrim added a "Workflow Activity View" to the example-ts project that shows all of the interactions, references, and creation events in Pieces OS. Showing this functionality can help understand the different touch points stored locally on your device to help your experience improve.

In addition, we also want to give a big shout to Arindam for helping with a massive refactor for the CSS for the example-ts project. Arindam helped refactor the inline styles in component files to utilize local CSS for improved maintainability and readability.

We also gave shoutouts to Dera Johnson, James, and Sophyia for their significant contributions.

Alongside these commendable community contributions, we had the opportunity to delve into other exciting community updates:

  • Sophia hosted a Twitter/X space on 21st January alongside Jordan and other amazing Open Source/DevRel advocates, where they spoke about all things Open Source and Community building.
  • Mason took the stage to discuss the vibrant Startup Cincy space, revealing plans to host and showcase Pieces at upcoming events. This initiative is set to further cement Pieces as a staple in the Cincinnati startup community.
  • Additionally, Shivay offered a recount of his experiences at the CodeMash conference.

Our New Support Process

In a significant move to enhance our support system, Mason outlined our transition from Discord to GitHub Issues. This strategic shift is designed to streamline the way we handle support queries, ensuring that each issue is meticulously tracked and resolved. Discord will now serve as a dedicated hub for community engagement, transforming our help-forum into a vibrant space for idea exchange and discussion.

Mason didn't just talk about the change; he provided a live demonstration on how to file a new support ticket on GitHub, making it clear and accessible for everyone.

For a deeper dive into our revamped support process and how it empowers a community-driven approach, be sure to read our detailed blog post.


As we wrapped up the session, we reiterated the upcoming SDK updates and the forthcoming support documentation designed to enhance your experience with Pieces. We're also excited about the release of our new blog series on building your own Copilot with Pieces SDK which will delve into local models and context setting techniques.

We took the opportunity to engage with our users, inviting valuable feedback on integrating Pieces into their development workflows. Your insights are crucial as we continuously refine our platform.

Keep an eye out for further updates, and we invite you to be a part of our mission to integrate Pieces seamlessly into development workflows across the globe.

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