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ChatGPT Code Generation and Pieces for Developers: The Perfect Pair to Streamline Workflow

ChatGPT Code Generation and Pieces for Developers: The Perfect Pair to Streamline Workflow

The software development world is moving faster than ever these days. It seems like just yesterday that we had to browse the web for hours to find solutions to our problems. In a few months, my Google searches have shifted to querying ChatGPT.

From asking technical questions to generating trip itineraries, ChatGPT has become my primary Q&A platform. This is true for the tens of millions of people who now use the site on a regular basis, many of whom are using ChatGPT to code. The conversation with the chatbot can go on and on as you explore different topics.

This lengthy back-and-forth is great, but we still need to save things for later. How can I save that code snippet I like and use it or research it later? I could throw it in Notes or a Google Doc, but doesn’t AI search deserve an AI saving sidekick? Enter Pieces for Developers. Pieces for Developers is an advanced snippet manager and productivity helper that’s designed to optimize developer tools and eliminate the chaos of context switching.

ChatGPT and GitHub Co-Pilot dramatically increase the volume of code written every day. With that we are seeing a role-change in developer workflows, where there is not only an increased need to curate from these generated materials; but further, developers are needing to save, search, share, reference, and reuse the outputs of Generative AI like we've never seen before.” - Tsavo Knott

How to use Pieces for Developers with ChatGPT Code Generation

One of the most impressive features of Pieces for Developers is its ability to capture ChatGPT code. Once you save code, Pieces provides valuable insights and context in the desktop application. Pieces CEO Tsavo Knott recently demonstrated this capability on GitHub’s YouTube channel. In the example, Knott generated code in a technical conversation with ChatGPT; he was then able to save the ChatGPT output to Pieces using their Chrome extension. Pieces automatically detected the code snippet’s language, generated a description and tags for the snippet, and gave it a title. It also curates related links to provide additional context and understanding for later.

Pieces’ AI capabilities set it apart from similar tools. The in-house ML works on-device, allowing for fast, secure, and efficient offline AI snippet management and reuse. The AI-generated descriptions, tags, titles, related links, and related people that Pieces gathers make code easier to search, reuse, and share.

Benefits of ChatGPT + Pieces

Integrating ChatGPT code generation and Pieces for Developers’ saving and enriching functions makes it easy for developers of all skill levels to streamline their workflow and write more code. As AI-generated materials become more ubiquitous among people with varying degrees of technical proficiency, the need to store and understand them becomes more apparent. Pieces for Developers solves the curation and contextualization issues that arise from massive amounts of generated data and code.

Pieces for Developers also integrates with popular IDEs like VS Code and JetBrains IDEs. When used together with ChatGPT (or as a GitHub Copilot alternative), these integrations allow all of the snippets saved in your desktop app to be easily accessed directly in your IDE. Being able to access materials and their associated context is a great addition to a developer’s toolbox.

A chart that shows how well Pieces and ChatGPT work together.


Overall, Pieces for Developers is the most advanced snippet management tool on the market. It’s powered by a combination of AI from in-house models and OpenAI's APIs. It offers seamless integration with a wide range of developer tools, including IDEs, browsers, GitHub, and soon Microsoft Teams.

As a desktop application, Pieces serves as an AI-Teammate for the modern developer workflow. It allows for advanced snippet management, snippet discovery, auto-enrichment, and single-click sharing functionality across all tools. Developers everywhere (especially those using ChatGPT code generation) should consider adding Pieces for Developers to their arsenal of tools to stay competitive and productive in the constantly evolving landscape of software development.


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