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The Best Clipboard History Chrome Extensions

The Best Clipboard History Chrome Extensions

In a user data survey conducted at the end of 2021, StackOverflow revealed that over the course of two weeks, users had copied text from their website over forty million times. While most computer users copy-paste at least occasionally, developers in particular are big users of this function, often copying code snippets to add to their codebase or to forward to others. If you’re a developer, this scenario might sound familiar: you copied a piece of text, then needed to copy another, and were annoyed to discover that you couldn’t keep both copied at the same time. Well, you’re not alone. This is why clipboard history Chrome extensions have grown rapidly on Google Chrome’s web store in recent years.

Clipboard history Chrome extensions generally allow you to store all of your copied text in your browser. Many provide additional features such as managing copied entries and syncing them across devices.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best clipboard history extensions for Chrome. These extensions were chosen for the features they offer, friendly user interfaces (UI), good user experiences (UX), and entry organization.

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If you’re a developer who wants a better way to copy, share, and manage your frequently used code snippets, you might want to consider something more robust than a simple browser-based tool. Look at something like Pieces for Developers instead. Pieces for developers offers a desktop app and integrations for Visual Studio Code, JetBrains, and Chrome. With Pieces, you can easily store code snippets with their related context and later reuse them across your environments. It also suggests snippets that you should save, allows you to share snippets with your team, and automatically enriches snippets, images, and other materials. Pieces is made by developers, for developers, and expands on the features offered by simple clipboard history Chrome extensions with unique functionality created to meet the needs of developers everywhere.

The Pieces for Developers Chrome Extension in action.

The Best Clipboard History Chrome Extensions

Clipboard History Pro

Clipboard History Pro is one of the most popular Chrome clipboard history extensions, with more than 100,000 users and a 4.4-star rating (at the time of writing). This extension provides a variety of features, including managing copied entries (add, edit, and delete), organizing entries into favorites and tags, searching through entries, and much more.

Clipboard History Pro has very intuitive UX. As soon as you install the extension, it adds the text you currently have in your clipboard. Then, every time you copy text, it adds the new text to your entries automatically, along with a link to the website you copied it from. This monitoring feature can be disabled if you would like to have more control over what you add to your clipboard history.

It also allows you to export your entries in many formats, including CSV, and to take a screenshot of any page you’re on. Clipboard History Pro provides sync abilities, but only for Pro accounts. If you stick with a free account, your entries will be stored locally in the browser.

Permanent Clipboard

Permanent Clipboard is an extension that provides clipboard history features in their simplest form. It has, at the time of this writing, more than 40,000 users and a 4.3-star rating.

Its UI is simple and straightforward. You can add, edit, and delete your entries, but it doesn’t have a copy monitoring feature to automatically add the text you copy to its history.

Permanent Clipboard does allow you to organize these entries into a folder-like structure, and it provides storage management options. This means that you can choose whether the entries are stored locally in your browser or across your devices that use Chrome, even with a free account.

This clipboard history Chrome extension also supports exporting backups of your entries. The file can only be exported in one format, though it can also be imported into the same extension.

Permanent Clipboard is available in English, German, and Polish.

Text Blaze

Text Blaze is not a clipboard history Chrome extension as such, but it provides many related useful features. The Text Blaze Chrome clipboard extension lets you add shortcuts, also called “snippets,” for longer texts. For example, instead of typing “Be right back,” you can just type “/brb” and the extension will “expand” it by replacing it with the designated word or phrase. It’s a popular extension with more than 200,000 users, and has an impressive 5-star rating.

The extension allows you to manage your snippets: you can add, edit, and delete them. It also allows you to organize snippets in a folder-like structure and search through them.

Text Blaze also provides sync functionality. You need to create an account, but after that, you’ll be able to access your snippets from anywhere. In addition to viewing them in Chrome, you can also access them from the Text Blaze dashboard.

The extension has a sleek UI and is very easy to use. It aims to save you hours of typing repeated text.


Clipper is not quite as well-known as the other extensions on this list. It has over 5,000 users, and a 4-star rating. This hidden gem provides you with a lot of features to manage your clipboard history.

Clipper requires you to create an account in order to sync your history across different devices. Your entries are also available on the Clipper website when you log in.

It has a very simple UI. At the click of a button, you can copy saved entries or send them by email.

This clipboard extension does not monitor your copied text, and as such, doesn’t automatically add it to your history. However, it introduces an action to your right-click context menu to add text selections as an entry, allowing you to easily add an item to your history with a link to its source.

Like other clipboard history Chrome extensions on this list, you can manage your entries by adding, deleting, and editing them. You can also search through them. Unlike other entries, though, Clipper doesn’t provide a way to organize items into hierarchies.


Papercuts is a clipboard extension for Chrome that allows you to save snippets as notes in your browser. It has more than 4,000 users and a 4.4 star rating.

It has the usual functionalities provided by popular clipboard history extensions: You can add, edit, and delete entries. You can also easily copy entries with the click of a button, and add text from a web page by selecting the text, right-clicking it, and choosing Add to Papercuts from the context menu.

Papercuts also lets you organize your entries in tabs, just like a browser, allowing you to group entries into an unlimited number of tabs.

A unique feature of Papercuts is that it gives you the ability to customize its UI. You can change the size of the extension’s pop-up, and the background color as well.

This clipboard history Chrome extension syncs your entries across devices where you’re logged into your Google account and have installed the extension, and allows you to export your data in JSON format.


Clipboard history Chrome extensions make it much easier for you to keep track of everything you copied. Their features differ slightly from one extension to another, but you’re generally able to add, edit, and delete entries. Some extensions provide additional features, like monitoring to automatically add what you copy into the extension, syncing capabilities, exporting backups, and more.

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