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You’ve Been Asking for it…Announcing the Pieces for Developers Visual Studio Extension!

You’ve Been Asking for it…Announcing the Pieces for Developers Visual Studio Extension!
Pieces for Developers Visual Studio Extension.

Introducing a whole new level of supercharging your workflow with Pieces for Developers - now deeply integrated into Visual Studio, one of the most widely used IDEs by developers.

With over 61k downloads and growing for our VS Code extension, it was only a matter of time before we integrated with VS Code’s big brother, and we are pleased to announce the initial version of Pieces for Visual Studio is now available for download.

Get Pieces for Visual Studio now!

The power of the Pieces Copilot, deeply integrated into your IDE

Our initial feature set for our Visual Studio extension focuses heavily on generative assistance, putting all the features of the Pieces Copilot right into your IDE. Leverage real-time context from all of your tools to ask questions, explain concepts or entire repositories, and generate ready-to-use code.

The Pieces Copilot, in Visual Studio

Your favorite copilot experience, exactly where you work. Generate, iterate, and curate your code and never get stuck with “blank page syndrome” again.

Useful Conversations, Contextualized to You

Add files, folders, snippets, and websites as context to customize your conversations to your workflow and your code base.

Using Pieces Copilot in Visual Studio.

Choose your LLM, Cloud or Local

Leverage all of your favorite LLMs as the Copilot’s runtime. Use a cloud service such as OpenAI’s GPT-4 or Google’s Gemini, or keep things on-device with our local LLM offerings, such as Microsoft’s Phi-2 or Mistral. Check out our latest blog on How to run an LLM locally to see how to use local models most efficiently.

Less typing, more doing

Insert any code you’ve generated into the copilot right into your codebase.

Inserting code with the Pieces Copilot.

Save and share your important materials

Experience our flagship capabilities in our newest environment. Highlight any snippet of code and save it to Pieces for you to search and reuse later. Generate a shareable link for a code snippet to copy a Pieces link to your clipboard and share with your teammates, friends, or on social media!

Saving code to Pieces from the Visual Studio IDE.

Get started right away

Download the Pieces for Developers Visual Studio extension right from the Visual Studio marketplace, available right now.

Stay tuned for updates and tell us what you think!

Today marks the release of the first version of our Visual Studio extension, and this is just the beginning. Keep an eye out for all the functionality you’ve come to expect from Pieces for Developers and more. We can’t wait to hear how you are enjoying the latest addition to the Pieces suite of products - reach out to us on social media or post on our GitHub discussions and let us know what you think!

Happy coding!

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