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What's the difference between Pieces OS and Pieces for Developers?

Pieces OS is the background service that enables Pieces to work locally and handles communications with any integrations.

Pieces for Developers is the desktop app where you can see and manage your snippets.

Is Pieces really free?

Yes! Pieces is totally free. We're planning to release paid plans in the near future - Check out our Pricing page for more information.

Can I edit my pieces?

Yes! To edit your snippets, just hit CTRL/CMD + E in the Pieces for Developers app. We're making improvements to our edit functionality all the time - keep an eye on our release notes for updates.

How does search work?

Right now, our search is an exact match on the code and the file name along with some fuzzy matching that will continue to improve over time.

Soon we're adding semantic search so you can search by language and other metadata such as whether a piece has a loop in it. As a near term hack, you can rename the Piece [CTRL + R] or add tags to enable a more useful search.

Why do I have to download Pieces OS?

Pieces doesn't work without it! Without Pieces OS, Pieces for Developers will not be able to save your snippets or interact with any of your plugins. Pieces OS also enables you to sync Pieces to the cloud so that you can access your data anywhere, and enables our other cloud-enabled features, like link sharing.

How are my pieces organized in Pieces for Developers?

Your pieces are organized in a carousel by date created.

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