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How do I use the Windows Pieces Suite Installer?

Getting Started with the Pieces Suite Installer

If you’ve previously installed Pieces from the Microsoft store, you must uninstall older versions of Pieces and Pieces OS to leverage the Pieces Suite Installer.

💡 Steps to Uninstall

  1. Settings > Apps
  2. Right-click on Pieces OS and click “Uninstall”
  3. Right-click on Pieces for Developers and click “Uninstall”

Why do I have to remove older versions of Pieces OS and Pieces for Developers?

The Pieces Suite Installer inspects your device for upgrades, but previous versions were installed from the Microsoft store so they need to be wiped.

I’m not having any issues with my current version of Pieces. Why should I make the switch?

Installations and upgrades will be faster and more stable through the Pieces Suite Installer, and you can manually check for updates as well. We’re shipping new features, performance improvements and fixes all the time!

Steps to Install:

  1. Navigate to https://code.pieces.app/install
  2. Select the "Windows" option and hit "Download"

  1. Redirected to pop out app installer page

You can find this in the system tray in the lower right side of your screen.

  • You should be brought back to Pieces website and see a screen that says “Thanks for downloading Pieces!”
  • You should also see a smaller window that says “Pieces OS has Successfully Booted”

  1. After Pieces OS has successfully booted, you will see that Pieces for Developers is loading.

  • You should be brought back to the Pieces website and see a page that says “Thanks for downloading Pieces!”
  • You should also see the Pieces for Developers application launch onscreen.

You’ve now successfully launched Pieces OS and Pieces for Developers!

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