Save useful snippets in <1 second from IntelliJ

The Pieces plugin for IntelliJ enables users to save and access code snippets directly from their editor without disrupting their workflow.

Download IntelliJ Plugin
* Must have Pieces downloaded

Save snippets directly from IntelliJ

Just highlight the code you want and right-click OR use a keyboard shortcut.

Access your snippets directly in Intellij

View and re-use your your snippets in the Pieces submenu from the Tool bar or from the

Suggested Save

Suggested Save learns from your workflow and suggests code that could be saved to Pieces.

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Download IntelliJ Plugin
* Must have Pieces downloaded

Built for devs, by devs

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Deeply Integrated
Save and reuse snippets without leaving your editor
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Enterprise Grade
Optimized to protect your most sensitive information at all times
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Offline Compatibility
Fully offline capable while syncing your data if you choose

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