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Save useful code in less than a second

Instantly save snippets from your browser or IDE

Useful snippets are everywhere on the web and in your IDE.  One or two clicks is all it takes to save them to Pieces.

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Extract code from inside screenshots

You take screenshots of code.  We all do.  Save them to Pieces and instantly copy the code onto your clipboard. Death to manually retyping!

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Share snippets via shareable links

Shared links include the snippet, tags and more meta-data.

The Pieces AI Assistant  has your back

Auto-save useful snippets

Auto-saves frequently used or useful snippets based on your behavior. Since you might not realize you need them later until it’s too late.

Code Auto-Complete

Now in Beta

Suggests code auto-completions as you type in your IDE, trained on your saved Pieces snippets.  No size limit!

Auto-Generate and Import

Coming Soon!

Scan, detect and generate snippets based on the contents of a file or project on your machine or in Github

Thoughtfully designed by fellow developers

Runs locally on your machine with the option to connect to the Cloud for backup, sync and sharing

Runs unobtrusively in the background - you don’t have to have the app open to save snippets

Responsive UI resizes to ultra-narrow or wide screens

Fully keyboard shortcut-enabled

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Your snippets are intelligently enriched

Auto-classifies your snippet by language

Auto-generates tags based on the content or structure of the snippet, where it was saved from and more. So you can quickly find that one snippet later

Auto-saves the source URL or file that the snippet was saved from, so you can back track to review the related context

All the Languages You Love

Pieces supports over 31 languages

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