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Pieces is massively flexible to suit individual and developer team needs

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Convert screenshot of code/text to copy-able text

Storing code too important to lose, but not important enough for source control

Store templates reused often - HTML structures, CSS blocks, Javascript loops, switch cases, imports, class structures, function blocks, decorator objects and more

Replacement for a code snippet bookmarks folder in a browser, with better search

Save common error messages and then attach specific related links that solved these error messages for future use

Find end to end reference for a piece of modelling code instead of looking up docs for each step

Deeply integrated with VS Code, IntelliJ, PyCharm, Chrome and other key tools

Built for enterprise-grade privacy

  • Air-gapped / 100% local application out of the box
  • Encrypted end-to-end

Add cloud at your discretion

  • Leverage Pieces cloud features such as backup, sync and sharing

Connect to internal data sources

IT and internal tools teams can leverage the Pieces API to connect Pieces to any internal data source

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