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20 Novel AI Prompts Made Possible Only by Pieces Copilot+

20 Novel AI Prompts Made Possible Only by Pieces Copilot+
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AI tools have significantly advanced developer productivity, but their true potential is unlocked only when they’re seamlessly integrated into your workflow and prompted properly.

Pieces Copilot+ with Live Context augments the everyday developer experience by providing contextual assistance tailored to your workflow. Live Context is a groundbreaking feature that captures and processes workflow data in real time, directly on your device for air-gapped security, enabling unique prompts and insights that no other AI tool can offer.

This feature can be leveraged across the three main pillars of a developer's workflow—researching and problem-solving in the browser, coding in the IDE, and collaborating with colleagues—along with broader use cases for reducing context switching and improving overall productivity. See how these novel AI prompts can 10x your workflow and get started with our desktop app to try it out for yourself!

Researching and Problem Solving in the Browser

Researching and problem-solving are critical parts of a developer's day, often involving extensive browsing and information gathering. Live Context in Pieces Copilot+ can streamline this process, ensuring that valuable insights are never lost.

1. What were the main takeaways from the research I did last week on this topic?

Example: Imagine you spent several hours last week researching the latest trends in machine learning algorithms. With Live Context, you can quickly retrieve a summary of your findings, including key points and insights, without having to go through all your notes and browser history.

Benefit: This feature saves time and ensures that valuable insights are never lost. It allows you to focus on applying the research rather than spending time finding it again.

2. What from yesterday’s research can help me here?

Example: Suppose you were researching optimization algorithms yesterday and today you encounter a problem related to algorithm efficiency. This prompt will help you quickly access the key points and insights from your previous research, saving you time and effort.

Benefit: This novel AI prompt retrieves relevant research information from the previous day, helping you quickly find useful data without retracing your steps. It ensures that valuable insights are not lost and can be applied immediately, enhancing productivity and decision-making.

See this prompt in action

3. Summarize this research paper.

Example: Suppose you have a 20-page research paper on neural networks that you need to understand quickly. Live Context can provide a concise summary of the paper, highlighting the main points, methodologies, and conclusions.

Benefit: This prompt saves you time and effort by distilling complex information into an easily digestible format, allowing you to grasp the essential points without reading the entire document.

See this prompt in action

4. What are the steps to implement this tool based on their docs?

Example: You are looking to integrate a new API into your project. Live Context can extract the necessary steps from the documentation and present them in a clear, actionable format.

Benefit: This feature provides quick and accurate integration steps, reducing the time spent on understanding and implementing new tools.

See this prompt in action

5. Where did I find that Python script I forgot to save in my research yesterday?

Example: You remember finding a useful Python script during your research but forgot to save it. Live Context can help you locate the script by searching through your recent activities and browser history.

Benefit: This novel AI prompt prevents the loss of valuable research findings and saves you from retracing your steps to find the same information again.

See this prompt in action

Coding in the IDE

Live Context enhances coding efficiency by providing instant access to relevant information and context, helping you navigate and manage your codebase more effectively. The following 5 novel AI prompts can help you write better code, faster.

6. My coworker is on vacation, can you explain this new repo I’m onboarding into?

Example: You need to understand a new repository your team is working on, but the main contributor is on vacation. Live Context can provide an overview and explanation of the repository, including its structure, key files, and recent changes.

Benefit: Live Context helps you quickly get up to speed with new projects, reducing the dependency on other team members and enabling smoother onboarding.

7. How can I resolve this issue I just came across?

Example: If you encounter a syntax error or a bug in your code, this prompt will analyze your past coding patterns and errors to suggest potential fixes, making the debugging process faster and more efficient.

Benefit: Identifies solutions based on past coding patterns and errors, streamlining the troubleshooting process. This feature reduces the time spent on debugging by providing quick and accurate solutions, thereby improving coding efficiency and minimizing downtime.

See this prompt in action

8. Summarize the code changes in this PR and highlight areas that need attention based on past code reviews.

Example: You are reviewing a pull request with numerous changes. Live Context can summarize the changes and highlight areas that might need closer inspection based on past code review comments.

Benefit: This AI prompt streamlines the code review process, making it easier to identify critical changes and potential issues, thereby improving code quality and collaboration.

See this prompt in action

9. Adapt this boilerplate to fit into my existing code.

Example: When you need to add a new feature using boilerplate code, this prompt will help you adapt the boilerplate to match your project's coding style and structure, ensuring a smooth integration.

Benefit: Modifies boilerplate code to seamlessly integrate with your existing codebase, enhancing efficiency. This ensures that the new code adheres to your project's standards and reduces the risk of integration issues, saving time and effort in the development process.

See this prompt in action

10. Identify if this error has occurred before in this project and suggest the previous fix.

Example: If you encounter an error message that looks familiar, this prompt will check your project's history to see if the same error has occurred before and suggest the fix that was previously applied, saving you time and effort.

Benefit: Detects recurring errors and provides previous fixes, reducing repetitive debugging efforts. This feature helps maintain a historical record of issues and solutions, making it easier to resolve similar problems in the future and improving overall project stability.

Collaborating with Colleagues

Effective collaboration is essential for successful project development. Live Context helps you stay synchronized with your team, ensuring smooth communication and task management.

11. Generate action items based on the ongoing conversation in Google Chat.

Example: During a team chat about an upcoming machine learning project, several tasks and action items are discussed. Live Context can automatically generate a list of these action items, ensuring nothing is missed.

Benefit: This feature enhances team productivity by capturing and organizing tasks in real time, reducing the risk of overlooking important action items.

12. Summarize this active channel in Slack / what my coworker was just explaining.

Example: If you were away from your desk and missed an active discussion in a Slack channel, this prompt will provide a concise summary of the conversation, helping you quickly get up to speed.

Benefit: These novel AI prompts generate real-time summaries, ensuring you stay updated without constant monitoring. This allows you to quickly grasp the context of ongoing conversations, making it easier to contribute effectively and stay informed about important developments.

See this prompt in action

13. Write a concise recap of my team meeting based on the transcript.

Example: After a team meeting, this prompt will generate a concise recap based on the transcript, highlighting key points and action items, and ensuring that all team members are aligned and informed.

Benefit: Creates succinct recaps, helping everyone stay on the same page and informed. This feature highlights key points and action items, ensuring that all team members are aligned and aware of their responsibilities, which enhances team collaboration and productivity.

See this prompt in action

14. When’s the best time to set up a sync with my team based on our shared calendars?

Example: When you need to schedule a team sync, this prompt will analyze the availability of all team members based on their shared calendars and suggest the best time for the meeting, making scheduling more efficient.

Benefit: Analyzes shared calendars to suggest optimal meeting times, simplifying scheduling. This reduces the back-and-forth communication typically involved in scheduling, making it easier to find a time that works for everyone and improving overall meeting efficiency.

See this prompt in action

15. Summarize the open Jira tasks along with IDs, descriptions, names, and due dates.

Example: When planning your work for the week, this prompt will provide a summary of all open Jira tasks, including IDs, descriptions, assignees, and due dates, helping you prioritize and manage tasks more effectively.

Benefit: Provides a comprehensive summary of open tasks, facilitating better task management and prioritization. This feature helps you keep track of all ongoing tasks, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks and that deadlines are met, thereby improving project management.

Context Switching Across Various Tools and Improving Productivity

Reducing context switching and improving productivity are key goals for any developer. Live Context ensures a seamless transition between tasks and tools, maintaining workflow continuity.

16. Can you help me pick up where I left off before lunch?

Example: After a lunch break, you need to resume your work on a complex coding task. Live Context can remind you of your last activities, including open files, recent edits, and pending tasks.

Benefit: Ensures a seamless transition back to your work by recalling your last activities, which minimizes disruption and helps you quickly regain focus, thereby enhancing overall productivity.

17. What was I working on yesterday?

Example: After a weekend or a day off, this prompt will remind you of the tasks and projects you were working on the previous day.

Benefit: Helps you quickly pick up from where you left off, reducing the time spent on regaining focus. This feature provides a seamless transition between work sessions, ensuring that you can maintain momentum and productivity without having to spend time recalling previous tasks.

See this prompt in action

18. Summarize what I did today for my PM.

Example: At the end of the workday, this prompt will generate a summary of your activities, including completed tasks and progress made, which you can share with your project manager for better tracking and reporting.

Benefit: Generates daily summaries of your activities, aiding in effective project management and reporting. This feature ensures that your project manager is kept informed of your progress, helping to maintain transparency and accountability within the team.

See this prompt in action

19. What are the main roadblocks for this release based on open GitHub issues?

Example: When preparing for a software release, this prompt will analyze open GitHub issues to identify and summarize the main roadblocks, helping you address them proactively and ensure a smooth release process.

Benefit: Identifies and summarizes key blockers, enabling proactive resolution. This feature helps you address potential issues before they become critical, ensuring a smoother release process and reducing the risk of delays or failures.

20. Analyze my recent workflow and suggest ways to reduce context switching.

Example: You feel that frequent context switching is affecting your productivity. Live Context can analyze your recent activities and suggest ways to streamline your workflow, such as batching similar tasks or minimizing interruptions.

Benefit: This feature helps improve productivity by identifying and mitigating factors that cause context switching, allowing you to maintain better focus on your tasks.

See this prompt in action


Live Context in Pieces Copilot+ is a powerful tool that enhances developer productivity by providing contextual assistance tailored to different aspects of your workflow. Whether you are researching, coding, collaborating, or trying to reduce context switching, Live Context ensures you have the right information at the right time, helping you work more efficiently and effectively.

According to Greg Brockman at OpenAI, “Prompt engineering is the art of communicating eloquently to an AI.” With Pieces Copilot+, you can pose less specific queries because it simply has access to more information. Please remember that results vary according to which LLM you’re using within Pieces.

Try out these unique use cases in our desktop app so you too can remember anything and interact with everything.

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