Save and access your code snippets throughout your workflow with the Pieces for Developers Suite

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Mike Bell


"At Get Together, we use Pieces as our 'repo beyond the repo' for all the critical shell scripts and bash commands that we use every day and need to safely share with each other."

Paul Rossett

@ Qonto

"I use Pieces because of its ability to optimize my workflow. It automatically grabs metadata and attaches it to my snippet when I save it to my Pieces app. This makes it easier to find and reuse later."

Kenn Kitchner


“I used to save code everywhere & I couldn’t remember where I put it. Pieces is the best solution for saving code snippets I've ever tried. It gives me a single handy place to save code from the web or my IDE.”

Our Zen-Mode Desktop App

Optimized for Code Snippets. Fast with Shortcuts.


Saving snippets made simple

Code snippets, screenshots, architecture diagrams, text notes, code files and more. It all works with Pieces.

Just paste code or drag & drop an image and let Pieces do the rest. No dropdowns, no menus, no extra effort.

The tools you love, you’re about to love more.

Pieces for Developers + Your Favorite IDE = 🤯

Highlight code and then right click in your IDE to save, share, and access code snippets in Pieces
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Same tools, new superpowers

Access the features of Pieces Desktop right within your favorite IDE.

With Pieces IDE plugins, you not only save snippets, but all the context about where they came from, such as related websites, projects, files, line numbers, and more. All with a single click.

Local or cloud, online or offline, Pieces works for you

All Pieces features, including our machine learning capabilities, run on your machine. Choose to use Pieces connected to the cloud, or not, it’s up to you!

Everywhere you need it.

From problem solving in the browser to environment setup in the terminal, we got you.

Save or share code with the Pieces Chrome extension in one click

Pieces for Chrome

Save and share snippets and surrounding webpage context from sites like StackOverflow, Medium,, and more with a single-click.

Get Pieces for Chrome

Suggested use with Pieces Desktop app

Access code snippets in your terminal or IDE by typing the Pieces command

Pieces CLI

Save and access your snippets either in a standalone terminal or from within your IDE and access exclusive features like bulk file import.

brew install --cask pieces-cli

Suggested use with Pieces IDE Plugins

Seriously Ambitious & First-In-Kind.

Pieces is the most intelligent and helpful code snippet platform on Earth.

Proactive Save & Pattern Engine

Pieces picks up on code patterns as you work and recognizes snippets that you’re frequently reusing. From there, if you don’t have similar snippets saved, Pieces automatically saves these reusable snippets for you.

Offline Deep Search

Pieces ships with a first-in-kind TLP Query Engine built to efficiently run entirely on-device. Search results rank on a blend of code similarity, recent activity, tags, descriptions, people, related links and more.

Atomic Auto-Complete

Auto-complete saved snippets from Pieces directly into your IDE. Our approach is very complimentary to existing auto-complete systems as the snippets you save are often hyper-specific to your tooling, projects, and code style.

In-Project Snippet Discovery

Pieces is the first developer tool in the world to ingest an entire code base and return hyper-specific, highly-reusable, code snippets. Snippet Discovery in Pieces is an effortless 10x boost in developer productivity.

We’re Just Getting Started.

In just over a year of building, Pieces for Developers is already best-in-class.







8/ Mo Avg.


So easy to save

Code snippets, scratch files,  screenshots, UML diagrams, links and more. Paste something from your clipboard, drag & drop, or save to Pieces via our plugins.

Pieces uses on-device ML to automatically recognize and enrich developer specific materials.

Automatic Text vs. Code Differentiation

Today, when you paste code into note apps like Google Docs, Notion, Evernote, Obsidian, etc., they all treat it as plain text... but it’s code!

Pieces analyzes pasted text to automatically distinguish a Text Note from a Code Snippet.

+ 48 More

Instant language detection & smart syntax highlights

When Pieces determines that you just pasted a Text Note or a Code Snippet, it begins a material-specific enrichment process.

In the case of a Code Snippet, Pieces will automatically classify and syntax highlight over 50 programming languages.

This all happens in less than 200ms and completely offline.

AI-Generated titles, tags and smart descriptions

Pieces automatically adds tags such as “HTTP Request” or “Flutter Framework” and further, generates descriptions of your Code Snippet.

Pieces intelligently associates URLs and Related People, i.e. Git Branches & Pull Requests, StackOverflow Posts, Source File & Project Paths, Authors, Collaborators, Social Profiles, and Emails

Pieces can even detect & extract Sensitive Information such as API Keys, Passwords, Server-Side Secrets.

Useful context. Attached automatically.

A code snippet is significantly more valuable with context attached, such as where it  came from, where it’s been used or  who has collaborated on it.

When you save code to Pieces, it intelligently associates URLs and related people. including Git Branches and pull requests, StackOverflow posts, source file and project paths, authors, collaborators, social profiles, emails and so much more.

Smart Warnings and Sensitive Information Detection.

Some of the most commonly saved snippets are Powershell and Command Line instructions, boilerplate for unit tests, .env variables, HTTP requests and CI/CD build configs. All of these often contain sensitive data like API keys, auth tokens, usernames, passwords or service account credentials.

Pieces facilitates security and programming best practices by detecting sensitive information and warning against accidental uploads or sharing.

User uploads screenshot, scratch file and code snippet to the Pieces desktop app and Pieces recognizes files and enriches it with title.Syntax highlighting formats all code snippets saved in PiecesAutomatic snippet language classification in Pieces when a code snippet is saved.Context view on Pieces includes automated descriptions, tags, related links and related people for every snippetAuto-generated context attached to a saved code snippet in PiecesPieces detects sensitive information and warns against accidental uploads or sharing.

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